Food Distribution
Food Distribution

This is available to ALL District 118 students during our remote learning period.  

Kids on Computers                                                                   

The tablets for our K and 1st grade students have arrived!

REMOTE students:  The pick-up will be on Wednesday November 18th from 12-2 and 3-5. Please pull into the Edison drive and call 217-444-3350. We will bring the tablet to your car. Each parent will sign a form at this time. If this date or time does not work for you please call the office at 217-444-3350.

IN-PERSON students: Students will receive their tablets this week in class. They will use them at school and will bring them home for the first time on Friday. (The permission slip that was sent home needs to be signed and returned to school before your student is allowed to take the tablet home.)  Please have your student bring the tablet back to school on the following Monday.  This will be the process moving forward.