Edison Elementary School Information
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Here is some information regarding policies and procedures at Edison School. 
School Rules Absences Arrivals
Attendance Behavior Birth Certificates
Birthday Parties Directory Information Breakfast/Lunch
Bus Complaints CD Players, Radios, etc.
Change of Clothes Detentions Dress Code
Divorced Parents Early Dismissal Emergency Forms
Field Trips Insurance Parking Area
Medication Non-discrimination Policy
Patrols Instructional Fees Sexual Harassment Policy
Fee Waivers Lost and Found Notes/Phone Calls Required
M.A.T.S. Rules Notice of Accomodations Available
Notice of Instruction in Recognizing Sexual Abuses Notice of Rights of Disabled Students to Appropriate Public Education Special Education Services to Eligible Students Not Enrolled in the District
Tobacco Use Safe Arrival and Dismissal Student Record Notification
Visits Asbestos Provision Transportation Reimbursements

School Rules
  1. Respect for self
  2. Respect for others
  3. Respect for property
  4. Responsibility: be here – be ready
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We cannot overly stress the importance of regular school attendance. Children are expected to be in school except in cases of illness or family emergency. Children with good attendance perform better in school.

When your child is going to be absent from school, it is imperative that you notify us before 9:15 a.m. Edison School follows District 118’s policy of making parent contact for absent students within two hours of the start of school. Your calling us helps tremendously. The phone call you make provides the office the opportunity to maintain accurate attendance records. The number is 444-3350. Absences that are excused in accordance with the Ownership Handbook allow for students to receive credit for missed work. Absences that are unexcused do not allow for credit to be given for work that is to be completed. In both cases students are expected to do the missed assignments in order to stay current with their class.

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Edison students should not arrive before 7:25 a.m. Those who eat breakfast may enter at 7:25 a.m. All other students will enter at 7:40 a.m.
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School will be in session daily from 7:50 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
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Please refer to the Ownership in Education Handbook. School uses a program called Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. Click here to learn more about our PBIS program.
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Birth Certificates
State law requires that parents must furnish the school district with a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate which is available from the Records Office of the county courthouse. Edison will Xerox the birth certificate for our records and return the original to the parents. This law became effective January 1, 1987, and applies to all students who are new to District 118 schools.
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Birthday Parties
A child may furnish birthday treats for his/her classmates according to the following:
  1. The last Thursday of every month.
  2. One treat is furnished for each child in the room.
  3. Teachers will coordinate with their students to determine who is responsible for bringing in snacks. Please let your child's teacher know if you are interested in coordinating the parties. 
  4. All treats for class celebrations must be store - bought in pre-packaged containers, with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables. We encourage healthy celebrations. Pencils and stickers are great, too!

NOTE: Invitations for home birthday parties may not be distributed at school, as this often leads to hurt feelings for those students who are not invited.

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Directory Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) require that schools obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from your child’s records. However District 118 may obtain “directory information” without written consent unless you have advised us to the contrary. The primary purpose of directory information is to include names of students participating in a variety of school activities. Examples include: the school yearbook, honor roll or other recognition lists and sporting events. Directory information can also be disclosed to outside organizations such as manufacturers of class rings or yearbook publishers. If you do not want District 118 to disclose directory information from your child’s records without your prior written consent, you must notify the school principal by September 26.
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All Students may eat breakfast/lunch at no charge.

Breakfast is offered daily beginning at 7:25 a.m. for all students who do not eat before they come to school.
Breakfast students are asked to enter the building through the playground doors.

Students may bring their lunch for the week. 

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District 118 provides bus service for all students who live more than 1 ½ miles from school, or who live in an area which has been declared as hazardous. Students are expected to be prompt in reporting to their bus stop. School rules of conduct are to be followed both at the bus stop and on the bus. Students who misbehave may lose their bus riding privileges, thus making parents responsible for transportation. Parents will receive notice from the building principal whenever bus privileges are suspended. Each student is expected to ride the assigned bus unless permission has been requested in writing by parents.

Please review these rules with your child/children to ensure their safety at the stops.

…..When the bus is approaching, move far enough back to allow the bus to stop without danger of hitting someone. This is particularly important when ice and snow are on the ground.

…..Observe proper rules of conduct at the bus stops. School rules apply and will be enforced when violations are reported.

…..Wait for the bus to stop completely and doors to be opened before moving toward the bus to board.

…..Be sure to arrive at the bus stop early enough so that you do not have to run to catch the bus. Buses will wait on students walking to the stops.

…..In cold weather, students should not wait for more than 10 minutes past their bus time. Should the bus not arrive, return home, contact the school, and seek alternative transportation.

…..Students are to move away from the bus immediately after getting off.

…..Students are to go straight home after getting off the bus.

…..If student must cross the street after getting off the bus, they must move 10 feet in front of the bus and then wait for the driver’s signal before crossing a safe distance from the bus.

…..Children who have any difficulties at the bus should report first to their driver and then to the building principal.

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If you should ever have a concern with regard to Edison School, you are invited to express yourself by following these procedures:
1. Talk to the staff member(s) who are involved. Many times children misinterpret or misquote what they hear or what they see. When your child tells you something about school that you feel needs addressed, react to your child calmly and contact the appropriate person to find out the other side of the story. Children need to know that their parents support the schools. No staff member will conduct a conference with a parent who is abusive or belligerent. It is rare that a situation can not be solved through a conference.
2. If the staff member is unavailable, or a satisfactory solution was not achieved in the conference, the parent has the right and the responsibility to talk to the building principal. The building principal will investigate the complaint and handle it within the guidelines of District 118 policy.
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CD Players, Radios, Toys, Fidget Spinners, etc.
Students are not to bring any of the above equipment, toys, etc. to school. Please make sure that your child leaves these items at home. In addition, please discourage your child from bringing toys and possessions to school. Invariably, an item is lost, and the school is not able to replace lost possessions. Please help us avoid such occurrences.
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Change of Clothes
Each kindergarten student at Edison School is to have a complete change of seasonal clothes kept in the classroom (underwear, socks (2 pair), slacks, shirt and shoes. They are to be sent in a plastic bag—clearly labeled with your child’s name. When your child’s school clothes become soiled due to illness, mud puddles, spilled milk, etc. your daily schedule will not have to be interrupted to bring us a change of clothes. The soiled clothes will be sent home in the plastic bag.
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District 118 has approved detentions as a reasonable punishment for students in grades K-12. A detention notice is sent home on the day of the infraction with the reason for the punishment given. The detention will be served on the designated date. We do give at least 24 hours notice so transportation arrangements may be made, if necessary. All detentions will be served in the morning before school unless other arrangements are made via the principal. Failure to serve a detention will result in a parent conference with the principal.
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Dress Code
Please see Board Approved Dress Code
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Divorced Parents
Edison Staff will be happy to provide newsletters, report cards, progress reports, etc. to non-custodial parents. It is the responsibility of the parent to request such information from the school. Non-custodial parents may visit the classroom and have parent-teacher conferences about their child. However, Edison School will not allow a non-custodial parent to remove the child from the school premises unless we have a written authorization from the custodial parent. (By listing the non-custodial parent on the emergency form you give us the authorization to release the child to that parent in case of an emergency when we cannot reach the custodial parent).

Parents who are separated, but not legally divorced, are advised that the school finds itself in a difficult position when determining who should be allowed to remove the child from the school premises. Unless there is assigned custody or other court papers indicating that one parent cannot have access to their child, the school can release the child to either parent.

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Early Dismissal
Parents should report to the office when picking up their child early. A dismissal slip will be given to the parent which will release your child from the classroom. Edison teachers do not release a student early to anyone who does not have a dismissal slip.
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Emergency Forms
Probably one of the most important forms you will fill out each year is the emergency slip which is included in your packet. Please be sure the information you supply is correct and up-to-date. If any of the information changes throughout the year, it is very important that you notify the school.
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Field Trips
There are times when your child’s class will take a field trip away from school. A signed parent permission slip will be required for all children to leave school property at any time. A phone call will not suffice, except in the case of an emergency. Field trips are planned to augment the curriculum and full class participation is desired.
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District 118 does not carry insurance on students to cover accidental injuries that may occur on school property. If you do not have accident insurance, we advise you to consider the purchase of one of the low cost plans provided through the district. 
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Parking Area
Parents may park in any parking area of the building. If there are no spaces available, please feel free to park on the playground near the building.
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If your child must receive medication during the school day, please stop by the office to advise us and speak with the nurse. State mandates are very clear:

1. All prescription medication must be in a bottle from the pharmacy. (The
Pharmacies know this and they will furnish an extra bottle with a label).
2. No prescription medicine can be dispensed by the school with a form
completed by the doctor. The forms are available from the secretary.

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Non-discrimination Policy
District 118 has a policy against discrimination on the basis of color, race, national origin, sex and disability. Anyone who believes that there has been a violation of this policy should report the alleged incident to the Director of Human Resources.
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Sexual Harassment Policy
District 118 has a strong policy prohibiting all forms of sexual harassment whether, non-verbal, or physical. If an employee or student believes that he/she has been sexually harassed, they should report the alleged act immediately to the District of Human Resources.
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Notes/Phone Calls Required
The school requires notes/phone calls from parents or guardians for:
1. absence
2. tardiness
3. requests for special or early dismissal
4. in reply to notices of unsatisfactory work
5. field trips (permission slips will be sent home before trip)
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Safety Patrol Students are fourth grade students who assist with raising/lowering the flag, running the school store, monitoring the hallways, and assisting in the cafeteria/hallways. Students should not arrive attheir position before 7:25 a.m.
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Instructional Fees
All District 118 students are charged a nominal fee for instructional materials. The rate for elementary students: Kindergarten - $25.00 and Grades 1-5 - $32.00.
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Fee Waivers
You may qualify for a waiver of instructional fees. You will need to fill out a form, available in the office.  Should your financial situation change during the year, please do not hesitate to update your application in the office. Each parent who submits an application will receive notice as to whether the application has been approved within 10 days.
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Lost and Found
An area for lost and found articles is located in basement hallway. When an article is lost, do not let a great amount of time elapse before checking with the office or the lost and found area. Please clearly label your children’s clothing, gym shoes, boots, caps, etc. Use caution in allowing items of sentimental or monetary value to be brought to school.

Students who wear jewelry and watches are assumed to be old enough to wear them at all times. These items are not be traded, loaned, or taken off. Pupils are asked to leave such items at home if they cannot keep said item on at all times.

Money is to be carried on the person at all times. Money is never to be left in the lunch box, or sack, in the desk, or in clothing left in the cloak halls.

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M.A.T.S. (Motivating Academically Talented Students)
All students in the Danville School District 118 are screened for gifted identification. Those students in grades 1 - 12 that exhibit a total battery score of 95% or above on the district’s achievement tests and a score of 125 or more on the Otis Lennon Mental Ability Test are further screened. A teacher/counselor inventory and possibly the Slossen Intelligence Test may also be used. From these measurements, a matrix is developed and a rank order list established. Those students achieving a matrix score of seven (7) or more are identified as gifted. Parents and staff members may also request screenings for students demonstrating potential but not meeting the above criteria.
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Notice of Instruction in Recognizing and Avoiding Sexual Abuses
Instruction dealing with family life and sex education, including sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and avoiding sexual abuse may be offered in several different courses. Opportunities will be provided for all parents and guardians to inspect materials being used for instruction. Forms are available in the principal’s office for any parent wishing to have their child excused from sex education classes.
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Notice of Rights of Disabled Students to a Free and Appropriate Public Education
Danville District 118 will assure that, to the maximum extent appropriate, all disabled children shall be educated in the least restrictive environment. Danville District 118 further assures that the service required to meet the educational needs of all disabled students shall be provided.
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Identification, Assessment, and Provision of Special Education Services to Eligible Children Not Enrolled in the District
Some special education services are also available to a qualified child who attends a private school. IEP’s or service plans shall be developed and implemented in accordance with the procedures found in Chapter IV, Individualized Education Programs, Section XL.
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Notice of Accomodations Available
Most buildings in District 118 are accessible. (Building specific information). Arrangements can be made for any mobility-impaired persons who wish to attend meetings at any school or at the Dr. David L Fields ASC. Please contact the building principal or Lakesha Robinson (217-444-1001) at the Dr. David L Fields ASC.
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Ownership in Education: Rules, Rights, and Responsibilities booklets will be sent home with each child. Parents are asked to read and discuss this information with their children so that everyone is familiar with the rights and responsibilities of students and the consequences of violations. Parents will be asked to sign a form stating they have discussed this booklet with each child.
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Tobacco Use
Edison School, like all other public schools, is a NO SMOKING facility. This includes our parking lot and playground 24 hours a day.
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Safe Arrival and Dismissal
If you transport your child to and/or from school, please drive to the back of the school (Jackson Street entrance). At times, there may be congestion so we ask for your patience and consideration of others. Please remain in your car and drive to the south entrance to dismiss or pick up your children. Please stay on the north side (playground side) of the drive for dismissal as buses will be using the south side.
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Student Record Notification
District 118 will not share a student’s records with an outside agency or school district without signed permission from the parent or legal guardian. Permanent and temporary records are maintained for each child and are kept in the school office. Parents may see the building principal to inspect the records of their child.
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Transportation Reimbursement Eligibility and Dispute Resolution
Transportation at district expense will be furnished for all pupils who live 1.5 miles or more from the school they are required to attend. Transporation may be furnished for pupils ineligible for regular reimbursed transportation under 1.5 miles, if parents reimburse the district at a rate established by the Board or if, in the opinion of the Board, and validated by the State Department of Transportation, there exists pedestrian hazards for pupils.
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We welcome your visits to our school and hope you will be an active participant here. However, we do ask that you observe the following courtesies:

1. AWAYS report to the office before going to your child’s classroom. This is a
State law and is required of ALL visitors.
2. Call first and arrange a good time to visit. The teacher can let you know the
appropriate time to visit.
3. Do not use your visitation time for a conference. If you wish to discuss
something with the teacher, please make an appointment to meet with the teacher during his/her planning time.

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Asbestos Provision
In accordance with the US EPA’s AHERA standard, all information concerning asbestos-containing materials in the schools of District 118 is available in the office of the Department of Building and Grounds for review and copying by students, staff, and guardians during regular business hours.
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